Allsell Umbrellas is an excellent manufacturer.
Design umbrella in Taiwan. And produce in China
Our customers are mainly in the US , Japan and Taiwan.
We made umbrella for Brand or company’s promotion.
And completed many projects. In the Design page can see our product and design.
Like Bosch, BMW Taiwan, ZESPRI, CHIMEI Museum, Ghibli Totoro, BenQ.

Crosses a country to purchase usually meet quality problem.
AllSell team can solve it.

According to your design and purchase budget
We choose different factory according to different production requirement.
All Sell team verify all part of umbrella is match to customer’s need.
Like canopy’s waterproof level, main shaft have thick enough, correct printing and color.
We take care all process of produce. To make you can get great quality goods.

All details is make the best umbrella for you.

We have an umbrella brand “Carry”. And sale on Amazon US, Amazon Japan.

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