《National Museum of History》Blue and white porcelain umbrella

This case was about designing a blue & a white porcelain umbrella for National Museum of History. What made it special was to present a porcelain surface feeling on a usual umbrella. It was hard to transplant this feeling to umbrella canopy for something that most people already had the impression. Moreover, it was also difficult to show people this feeling right away because canopy and porcelain were totally different material. Eventually, we adopted screen printing on the white canopy to achieve this feeling.

Canopy: Pongee with Screen printing
Inside coating: Eco-friendly glue coating

We had two well control every printing so that there won’t be a shade difference of color. We applied eco-friendly coating on the canopy, thus customers could feel cooler during the summer. Most importantly, the printing images must be symmetrical. Therefore, we printed the fabric piece by piece, and connect it together by hand, making the finished product looked like a bowl. If you like this umbrella, you can purchase it in the National Museum of History.

Exclusive  Blue and White Porcelain Cover.

Exclusive National Museum of History Woven label